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U-Pack Reviews

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    Jon Andrews


    Second move we have used U-Pack. Service is incomparable for the price. Online reservation and scheduling was simple. Pricing has gone up more than I had hoped since we have used the service but it was still the most reasonable option. Both destination and origin locations were flexible with pickup and delivery times/duration. A full service move would have cost $5k+, the U-Pack was $1400. Highly recommend considering this if you are looking at options for a long distance, 1-way move.

  • L

    Laura Baglereau


    We made the mistake of using U-Pack for every stage of our cross country move from Texas to Ohio and we will never make that mistake again. To get our house ready to show in Texas we got one of their containers and were strung along for an entire day regarding when it would be delivered. After the first window passed we were given another, and then another, finally getting the container at the end of the day when it was promised to be at our house before mid-day. For the second stage we got one of their trailers. This time it arrived within the original window. I'm currently waiting at our rental for it to arrive in Ohio. It's been over a week and a half since we and it left Texas. Fine. We were told it would be in Ohio sometime between the 7th and 11th... okay, hard to book movers to unpack it but okay. We get the call this morning that it will be delivered today and someone has to be at the property when it gets delivered. So I've been sitting here in an empty house for 5 hours and the best they can tell me about when it will arrive is in the next few hours, "before dark" is the direct quote. It's like they just flip a coin when deciding what the drivers will take to deliver next. So if you'd like to have no idea when your move will finally be over and be forced to wait all day you should definitely go with U-Pack. To be fair, I guess we are getting what we paid for. Save yourself some time and spend the extra money on another company. UPDATE: Barely 30 minutes after the "before dark" quote they called back to say the trailer now won't be delivered until tomorrow morning at 8am. Oh gee great! I can't wait to spend another several hours waiting in an empty house for their convenience. Cause you know that 8am estimate is bull!

  • J

    Jamie Sweat


    I had driven Budget trucks in the past. Medium size twice. 28' several times. I always liked what I got with them. But U-Pack was better. The customer service was 5-Star every step of the way. It did not matter if it was getting the order set up with U-Pack or the local warehouse personnel or the ABF drivers on each end of the trip. Every single on was friendly, ready to answer questions. The drivers both helped with getting the ramp set up, since it was different from a U-Haul ramp or a Budget ramp. Furthermore, not only was it less expensive than Budget initially (when I thought I would need 24 linear feet of space), but since the interior width & height were greater than Budget, I only needed 15 linear feet. I like a rental truck, where you pay a flat fee, U-Pack charges a flat rate for the first five linear feet and $128 per linear foot afterwards. You only pay for what you use. So I saved a lot $1200 vs the original quoted price. I would highly recommend UPACK/ABF for any moving need, especially if transporting from California, which has the most expensive rental truck rates in the nation.

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