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  • 44600 Guilford Dr, Ashburn, VA 20147
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    Wayforth Reviews

    1.5 stars based on 2 reviews

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    • I

      Irma “Arborshade Pass Place”


      At my realtor’s recommendation, we hired this company to help us with a senior move from Virginia to Florida.   The bottom line is that they did not finish the job and they lost some of our furniture. The prices were competitive when compared to other moving companies but this company offered unpacking services plus they would hang pictures on your wall and put your furniture together, all for an extra cost.   They also offered to storage. The pack out was done fairly well.  They helped us sort items out for donation to the homeless, pet shelters and for disposal.  They also helped put some of our items on an online auction, but we had to keep bugging them about the final outcome.  We finally got a check for the sales.  They were quick and efficient.  But on the day of the move out, they underestimated how much they could put in their trucks and had to leave some items in the garage till they could come back to retrieve them. We had a car we wanted to take to Florida and we suggested an auto transport company but they insisted they could put it in storage and pull it behind their trucks (which were NOT their trucks… They were Penske trucks).  So we agreed.  At the time of the move to Florida, they sent the car via auto transport.  If they had done this when we suggested it, we could have had the car sooner and not paid to store it. The worse part was the unpacking.  The movers arrived from Virginia in Penske trucks.  They did not bring the inventory list and we never received a copy.  When we asked about the two missing ergonomic office chairs, they said they would ask their warehouse supervisor but no one knew where the chairs were.  We raised this with our contact in the moving company and she said she would look into it immediately. The unpackers were to arrive the following day.  In her email, our contact said they were to work from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m..  They arrived at 1100 and told us they were working till 3 p.m.  There were 4 unpackers.  They helped unpack most of the boxes and put together the desk, but they did not have enough time to unpack all of the boxes and no time at al to hang anything up.   They either understimated the amount of time they would need or the number of workers they would need to get the job done.   The unpackers said they could return in a week to finish up.  We did not want to wait a week for them to finish unpacking so we told them not to come back. In addition, the movers who arrived the previous day with the household goods returned to Virginia in their Penske trucks which left the unpackers with no way to haul away the empty boxes and papers so they had to store their packing material in our garage until someone could return for them the following day. Again, poor planning and lack of communication on their part. The unpackers also contacted the Virginia office about the missing office chairs and got the same answer...that they would look into it. We received our household goods on 8 March 2021.  It is 14 March and we have not heard anything about our missing chairs.  And “we can’t find them” is not a good answer.   We think we are missing a box of garage stuff but we're not sure because we're still unpacking boxes and because we didn't get an inventory list. The people were very nice at this company but there is very little communication and a lot of misunderstanding.  I am contacting my realtor and friends and telling them not to use this company. 1 April 2021 Update I eventually received a call from this company in Virginia telling me they found our missing furniture and they would ship it the following week. It arrived as promised and in good condition. She also emailled us an itemized packing list. In addition, we received a final bill which included the cost of moving the lost furniture. As compensation they deducted the cost of the unpacking services and waived the cost of transporting the lost furniture to us.

      Response from the owner

      We are sorry that you’ve had this experience with your move. This certainly does not meet the quality of work that we promise. Our teams are meeting and will be in touch with you to rectify this situation as quickly as possible.

    • S

      Shannon Ingram


      I am currently waiting for a response from management regarding my service. I was misquoted by over $1100 and they continue to be unresponsive.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Shannon, We are so sorry that you had this experience and want to make sure that we make things right for you. Our General Manager will be reaching out to you directly to learn more about this situation and to see what we can do for you. We are committed to making sure all of our clients have a positive experience with their moves.

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