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3 Best Moving Companies in Brownwood, TX

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  • 1. Which Moving Firm Is Nearby in Brownwood, TX?

    You can find the closest mover near you in Brownwood, TX by hitting the "Check map" icon.
  • 2. Which Moving Firm in Brownwood, TX Is the Most Reliable?

    Access Storage is the best mover in Brownwood, TX, which gets a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews. Below is one of the featured remarks on this mover.
    "0 Stars! 5 years I rented from this place. 5 years a paid my monthly dues. Yes, I may have gotten behind once or twice. I ALWAYS caught up. I held up my end of the deal. I came down last weekend to empty my unit as I now had a place for my couch and a few decorations to find the majority of my things COVERED in rat excrement. COVERED! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to walk into that. I expected some... but COVERED. I had to throw out more than half my unit. Family heirlooms... gone. Nursery items... gone. A whole mattress and box spring set... GONE. Shelves... GONE. There were other misc items I got rid of. The most painful was my couch and my family heirlooms. I called Monday morning 10/15 to request to speak with a manager. I was told there was not one and that I could speak with the owner. I accepted and waited on a phone call. Finally I call back at 4:30 to speak with someone. The young lady on the other end of the line was very sweet and explained to me that unfortunately there was nothing they would be willing to do because it states in my contract that they are "not responsible for varmint and rodent damage." I find this VERY under-defined for the sheer fact that they have had this issue in the past in my line of units and have now been treating for mice.... I was not made aware of these issues so that I could protect my items. Nothing was offered to rectify this situation. All I asked was they pay (or at least help pay) to have my couch steam cleaned. They refused. Yes, It is in my contract that they are not responsible. However, I feel that this is poor business etiquette. What has happened to customer service? Moral of this story... DON'T RENT HERE."
  • 3. Are There Any Moving Firms That Offer Cross-City Moving Services?

    Yes. You can check out the websites of the movers in Brownwood, TX to understand more about it. Or you may phone (888) 228-3922 for more precise information.
  • 4. How Much Does Moving Cost in Brownwood, TX?

    Prices vary across companies that provide moving services. You may estimate your moving costs by using our moving cost calculator.
  • 5. How to Choose the Most Reliable Moving Firm in Brownwood, TX?

    See the customer reviews for the movers on the list above. You can also find the best mover by clicking this link.
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