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  • 1. Which Mover Is Nearest to Me in Detroit, MI?

    You can locate the nearest moving company near you in Detroit, MI by pressing the "Check map" icon.
  • 2. Which Mover in Detroit, MI Is the Most Reliable?

    Two Men and a Truck is the best moving company in Detroit, MI, which gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 218 reviews. Below is one of the most recent comments on this moving company.
    "These movers did HALF the job! They were supposed to move my 3 92 inch tvs from a storage facility and bring them to my new townhouse and move 2 of the 3 tvs upstairs. The two movers bumped me up in their schedule because the previous job was in a building on the 10th floor with no working elevators to move furniture. In reality, THESE WERE TWO LAZY UNMOTIVATED MOVERS!!! To start, they came unequipped with the right tools to get my tvs out of their crates and wasted valuable time when they got there. 2.) One of the movers, a male, damaged one of my tvs trying to get it out of the wooden crate. He whacked away at it like he could care less because it wasnt their stuff. I was able to put the panel back in place later after they left. They complained the whole time and then called their supervisor to assist, saying that they shouldn't have booked my appointment. 3.) When they arrived, they only brought all three tvs inside to the ground floor and made various excuses on why they couldnt move two of them upstairs. The excuses were "Its too cold and snowy", "Theyre too heavy", "We dont want to damage them", "We need a fourth person and we are so short staffed due to Covid." They even expected me to pay them for another hour of service even though they didnt keep their agreement to carry 2 of the 3 tvs upstairs. I complained to management who only charged me for the initial move. He told me that his staff of movers, one female and two males, said they didnt want to damage the walls of my house as an excuse. Altogether, I had to pay another moving company (Alpha Moving Company) $250 to move the tvs upstairs. I should have used them fron the get-go! I WILL NOT USE OR RECOMMEND 2 MEN AND A TRUCK EVER AGAIN!!!"
  • 3. Are There Any Moving Companies That Offer Long-Distance Moving Services?

    Yes. You can go to the websites of the moving firms in Detroit, MI to understand more about it. Or you can call (888) 228-3922 for more specific information.
  • 4. How Much Will It Cost to Move in Detroit, MI?

    Prices vary across firms that offer moving services. You may evaluate your costs with the help of our moving cost calculator.
  • 5. How to Select the Most Reliable Mover in Detroit, MI?

    See the customer reviews for the moving firms on the list above. You can also find the best moving company on this website.
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